Game Over’s Lazer Tag Arena is a 300 square meter dedicated arena simulating the end of the world as we know it. Take your first step through the Lazer foyer and come face to face with mass devastation and destruction. Game over – this is where the real challenge begins!

Game Over Lazer Tag is a live action packed, post apocalyptic laser arena with the latest technology, lighting and sound.

Players battle it out in a 300 square metre playing arena. Step first into the Briefing Room to discover what your mission is. Next is the armoury where you strap on the latest Gen7 Laserforce Battlesuit vest and phaser. Then step into another world – the Lazer arena, dimly lit with fog swirling – you’ve never seen the Gold Coast like this before.

Watch out for the opposition players and the interactive targets hidden throughout the arena – zap them before they get you! The thumping sound track, an awesome experience. Play in teams or everyone for themselves. Up to 24 people can play at once.

This is perfect for team building, corporate events, birthday parties, bucks and hens parties, or just for fun with family and groups of friends.

Game Over Lazer Force does not require any prior skills. All players receive a full mission briefing followed by gearing up where you will strap on your Gen7 Battlesuit vest and phaser.

The arena has plenty of places to hide, but no where is completely safe!


The Game Over Lazer Arena incorporates 6 separate zones starting with the confronting attack car, following the mass devastation and destruction, the team have turned an old FJ Holden Aussie Racing Car into the ultimate attack car – watch out the car has its own turret and gun fire and will shoot you down!

The Cathedral ruins are dark and scary and provide the perfect place to hide in a gun battle. Down the ramp, you try to avoid the debris pile – anything could be hiding in there! Avoid the debris by going over the ramp and into the old Gold Coast Metro station. It hasn’t been used for many years and adjoins the metro tunnel in which lies the old power generator that has become lethal sending out bursts of 5000 volts to those who dare attack it. If you make it through the metro tunnel, you may find refuge in the old house ruins – but beware anything can happen – the Game has changed!


Clothing: Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times. No thongs or sandals permitted.


Lazer Tag Arena Map

GameOver Lazer Tag Arena Map










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