Unlimited Night

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Cost: Only $99! per person.

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Exclusive VIP Unlimited Event – now limited to maximum of only 100 guests!

UNLIMITED NIGHT is back at Game Over Gold Coast
5 Hours of unlimited entertainment, all game over activities open for unlimited sessions between 4pm and 9pm.

No scheduled times, just head to your favourite attraction, jump in the queue and Race, Climb, Golf or Lazer as much as you want!

Activities include:

  • 10 lap Karting Sprint Races
  • 20 minute climbing sessions
  • 7 minute lazer tag sessions
  • Zip Coaster rides
  • Mini Golf rounds

Conditions Apply: Standard Game Over safety, height & age restrictions apply. All participants must have signed the waiver before taking part in any activities. Arcade machines and sports simulator are not included in the Unlimited offer however they will be available for coin operation. Activities are not scheduled, participants are invited to join a line at the activities of their choice and wait their turn. Sessions are shortened from normal Game Over experiences to ensure customers get the opportunity to participate in as many activities and sessions as possible on the night.

Climb Club


Purchase a Climb Club card and you’ll receive 5 Clip ‘n Climb sessions for just $77. Simply come into Game Over and present your personal Climb Club card to enjoy any of our themed Clip ‘n Climb indoor climbing walls.

Terms & Conditions Apply: Climb sessions not valid public holiday or between 10am – 5pm in school holidays. Climb Club Card includes 5 Clip ‘n Climb sessions for 1 person. Sessions are not transferable. Subject to availability. Standard Clip ‘n Climb safety restrictions still apply.

VIP Membership 2020

VIP Membership 2020


  • 1 FREE Karting, lazer tag or climb Session on joining day
  • 1 FREE Entry to unlimited night




  • A VIP Membership is available to persons 4 years of age and over.
  • The use by the VIP Membership Holder of the VIP Membership Card is deemed to be acceptance by the VIP Membership Holder of these VIP Membership Terms and Conditions.
  • Where the VIP Membership Holder is under 18 years of age their parent or guardian shall be responsible for the VIP Membership Holder complying with these VIP Membership Terms and Conditions.

VIP Membership Payment

  • The VIP Membership Payment will be charged and made in Australian dollars.

VIP Membership Entitlements

Subject to full compliance with these VIP Membership Terms and Conditions the VIP Membership Holder is entitled to the following VIP Membership Entitlements for the Period of the VIP Membership:

  • 50% discount on the standard full price of all activities available for purchase at the Venue – applies during normal advertised operating hours on Monday to Friday.
  • Available only to the VIP Membership Holder.
  • 1 complimentary ‘New VIP Membership Holder’ indoor karting or lazer tag or clip n’ climb session – may only be used on the day the VIP Membership Card is activated. Available only to the VIP Membership Holder.
  • If a guest of the VIP Membership Holder (i.e. friend or family member) attends the Venue and wishes to participate in any activity on any day of the week, then we will offer that guest a 10% discount on the then published price of that activity. Available to VIP Membership Holder’s friends and family only.


It is acknowledged and agreed by both the VIP Membership Holder that notwithstanding anything else contained in these VIP Membership Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right:

  • At our absolute discretion and without notice to impose restrictions or limitations on access to the Venue or activities at any time (including but not limited to refusing access to the Venue on certain days and at certain times for group or corporate events); and
  • from time to time to make changes to the VIP Membership Entitlements by giving notice to the VIP Membership Holder but where we remove any component of the VIP Membership Entitlements we will replace same with a component of comparable value and quality.
  • cannot be used as part of corporate or group bookings that include catering

Period of VIP Membership

  • The VIP Membership is valid for 12 months from date of purchase, unless terminated sooner in accordance with these VIP Membership Terms and Conditions (“Period of VIP Membership”).

General Terms

  • The VIP Membership Holder agrees to comply with the Conditions of Entry when utilising the VIP Membership Entitlements and, in particular, the VIP Membership Holder accepts that he/she will be required to sign a release/waiver and will be bound to the fullest extent permitted at law by the further terms contained in the release/waiver.
  • If the VIP Membership Holder fails to comply then we may prevent access to the Venue or use of the VIP Membership Entitlements or terminate the VIP Membership by giving notice to the VIP Membership Holder whereupon no refund shall be payable (subject to any law to the contrary).
  • A VIP Membership cannot be transferred or suspended and nor is it exchangeable or able to be resold or for cash. VIP Membership’ are non-refundable (unless required by law).
  • A VIP Membership Card is not able to be used by anyone other than the VIP Membership Holder we issue it to. If a VIP Membership Card is lost, stolen or damaged we reserve the right to charge a fee in order for the VIP Membership Holder to obtain a replacement VIP Membership
  • VIP Membership’ cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.
  • A VIP Membership Card must be presented in order for the VIP Membership Holder to be entitled to the VIP Membership
  • The VIP Membership Holder agrees to give us notice without delay as to any change in their contact details.


  • Conditions of Entry means the entry conditions for the Venue.
  • VIP Membership means where the VIP Membership Payment is paid which gives the VIP Membership Holder the right to the VIP Membership Entitlements.
  • VIP Membership Card means the card or similar provided by us which identifies the VIP Membership Holder.
  • VIP Membership Entitlements means the details set out above headed “VIP Membership Entitlements”.
  • VIP Membership Holder means the person permitted by us as the VIP Membership Holder who is issued with the VIP Membership Card.
  • VIP Membership Payment means the amount charged by us for a VIP Membership.
  • VIP Membership Terms and Conditions mean these terms and conditions.
  • Period of VIP Membership means the period stated above (under the heading ‘Period of VIP Membership’).
  • Venue means Game Over Gold Coast with the premises located at 88 Siganto Drive, Helensvale, Queensland.

Junior Karting Academy

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Each Class includes:

  • 3 x 10 lap junior kart races
  • Track walk through
  • Expert driver tuition
  • Game Over Cap
  • Game Over VIP Membership (which includes 1 free race,
  • Game Over membership card and lanyard

During the class, you’ll spend time with our karting experts learning about race craft, passing manoeuvres, racing lines and how to improve your lap times on the track. Plus you’ll be awarded a special certificate of achievement at the end of the class!

Classes kick off at 10am, please arrive at 9:30 for a 10am start.

Availabe dates are listed on the booking page. Click book now to see dates and make a booking

ALL FOR JUST $99 (over $200 worth of value)

Junior Karting academy is for juniors aged 7 – 12 yrs old – Minimum height 120cm

not to be used in conjunction with any other offer